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Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom



Architectural Design & Construction Social Enterprise

CAUKIN Studio creates impact through architecture. We use our projects as a vehicle to educate local community members and international participants in Design & Construction. We believe that every human being should have the opportunity and tools to shape the spaces they inhabit. We should all benefit from the quality of life that is achieved through informed design, and construction has to reduce its environmental impact on our planet.

Our design and construction workshops progress knowledge of the built environment, enable career progression, employment opportunities and a pragmatic approach to design based issues. We offer services ranging from Brief formulation, to design, project management and construction management right through to construction on site.

Since its inception, CAUKIN has worked on more than 30 design and construction projects worldwide, involving and educating over 800 international participants and local people through the process of these projects.

Our processes add value to our projects, and achieves an economical build that also has a big impact. Well designed buildings, built with integrity, to have a lasting impact don’t need to be expensive. Constantly evaluating the impact our work has on its communities is highly important in progressing our vision of democratic education, quality design and accessibility to all.

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