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Our Core Team

Our Core Team

Annie Payne.jpg

Annie sees landscape architecture as one of the strategic roles in humanitarian and international developments, especially in relation to climate change, wellbeing and sustainability. She desires to bring empowerment and resilience to vulnerable communities, restoration to those who are hurting through actions and collaborations. Annie organises and oversees our workshops and events.

Workshop Producer + Senior Landscape Consultant at Logika Consultants

Annie Payne

Ben recognises the key role landscape architects have in mitigating the impacts of climate change but is often left feeling demotivated by the required pace of change in fundamental areas. Ben is a keen believer in power in numbers, and when it comes to climate action he seeks to transform his feelings of helplessness into hopefulness. Ben arranges meeting ups with members and identifies relevant industry events for members to contribute to and/or attend.

Social Organiser + Senior Landscape Architect at Arup

Ben Gurney

Ben Gurney.JPG

Jo has an interest in understanding the way people live with a focus on co-designing and shaping sustainable, resilient, imaginative and sensitive places for both people and the planet. Jo arranges HLC’s research activities, has written for the Landscape Journal, engages with related organisations and adds a creative flair to our graphic communication.

Co-founder Co-leader + Landscape Architect at Arup

Joana Valgode Ferro

Jo pic B&W.jpg

Luna studied Architecture and Design at Jordan University of Science and Technology before moving to Germany to follow her passion in landscape architecture. Her involvement in the humanitarian and social activities with refugees in Jordan increased her interest of engaging Landscape architecture in the Humanitarian sector which she later showed in her Master thesis "Sustainable Landscape architecture in Azraq refugee camp”‘. During her work in a landscape architecture office in Munich, she continues to attend different conferences related to the field.

Researcher + an Iraqi-Syrian Landscape Architect living in Munich

Luna Al-Rifaie


Anouk thinks it is essential that landscape architects create inclusive spaces that are sensitive and welcoming to the existing surrounding community. She believes that everyone should have the right to experience the mental health benefits of spending time in quality outdoor spaces. Landscape architects must rise to the growing challenges of urbanisation, inequality and humanitarian crises to provide this. Anouk investigates existing research and collaborates with other disciplines to develop our workshops.

Researcher + Landscape Architect at BDP

Anouk Van Royen

Anouk van Royen.jpg

Despoina believes that landscape architects have an ethical responsibility towards vulnerable populations and the enhancement and preservation of the natural environment. Her work in the UK, Europe and Africa includes, among others, developing new spatial design methodologies in rural areas and refugee camps, organising educational programs for students and young professionals, and editing several books and catalogues.

Researcher + Associate Landscape Architect at Fabrik

Despoina Kouinoglou

Despoina Kouinoglou.jpeg

Rhys believes there’s an overlap between the landscape and humanitarian & development sectors that hasn’t yet been formalised and sees it as his career goal to make it happen. Since founding HLC in 2018, Rhys has set the group's vision, oversees its research and strategic development, while managing its growing network.

Co-founder Co-leader + Landscape Architect at Alexandra Steed URBAN

Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones B&W.jpg

Astrid recognises that there is often an intertwined relationship between discriminatory development narratives and work shaping the built and natural environment. So, her goal is to steer this work towards the many other holistic and context-specific marginalised possibilities for development. She explored this in her thesis by analysing the approaches to achieving social and ecological sustainability throughout the history of a radically changing and complex ecosystem.

Co-leader + Planner at Cherwell District Council

Astrid Pilar Burden

Astrid Burden.jpg

Gemma believes that spending time outdoors must be equitable for all to enjoy. Access to safe, inclusive and environmentally responsive outdoor space is crucial to facilitating a strong sense of community and wellbeing. With a diverse background spanning Anthropology to Infrastructure Construction, she aims for culturally sensitive design solutions that are authentic and locally responsive. Her approach supports the intricate balance between urban ecosystems, public infrastructure, and ecological resilience.

Researcher + Landscape Architect at McGregor Coxall

Gemma Hoult

GH BW shot_edited.jpg

Throughout Tim’s studies he has wondered what the potential of the landscape profession could be for those who are less fortunate in this world. In his thesis, he studied how nature-based solutions could improve the liveability of refugee camps, exploring the theme for the first time. Tim oversees the strategy for our external & internal communications such as our newsletter and social media posts.

Communications + Landscape Architect at Gemeente Utrecht

Tim den Duijf

Tim den Duijf.jpg

Scarlett is passionate about using Landscape Architecture as a tool for positive social change for all, not only the privileged few. She is a firm believer that design-led environments can be socially, environmentally, culturally beneficial and support the creation of a more equitable world, which is urgently needed. Scarlett helps the research team form the right questions and steer the research across the Humanitarian and Built Environment sectors.

Research Lead + Principal Landscape Architect at Gillespies

Scarlett Towse

Scarlett Towse.jpg

HLC Network

Over 200 built environment professionals, academics and NGOs, including:


Architectural Design & Construction Social Enterprise

Emergent Vernacular Architecture (EVA Studio)

Multidisciplinary research and design practice

Grace Ruddick

Landscape Architect, Robert Bray Associates

Muthegheki Rogers

Anasi Farmers

Sam Dindi

Mazingira Yetu

Danielle Antonellis

Founder & Executive Director, Kindling

George Foden

QSAND Programme Lead and Loughborough Centre for Sustainable Transitions

Jack Campbell Clause

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Nikolett Puskás

University College London: Institute for Global Prosperity; Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Simon Watkins

The Conflict and Environment Observatory

Dr Clare Rishbeth

Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Sheffield

Giuliana Galasso

Assael Architecture

Lionel Fanshawe FLI

Director, The terra firma Consultancy

Oana Baloi



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