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Dr Clare Rishbeth

Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Sheffield

Clare Rishbeth is a Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture who brings a research focus on migration histories and experiential qualities of place to the professional remit of Landscape Architecture practice and education. Her academic research, teaching practice and social values are focused on profiles of marginalisation - shaped by intersections of ethnicity, class and gender - set against the civic ethos of public space.

She has led a number of Research Council UK collaborative projects across academia and practice, including focusing on the role of benches in urban spaces to support inclusion (2015) and how refugees and asylum seekers may be supported to use urban greenspace as an integration and wellbeing resource (2018). She played a key role in the ‘Improving Wellbeing though Urban Nature’ research (2016-19), developing a focus on dispersed and unexpected nature connections across the lifecourse and on landscape experiences for people living with mental health difficulties.

Clare is currently working on a three year research project funded by the NERC ‘Treescapes’ call which extends an equity and inclusion focus specifically with young people (2021-2024). The sub-project she leads scopes current initiatives around multi-ethnic youth and access to nature, in planning and design participation, and around climate and biodiversity activism. She firmly believes in collaborative work across professional and voluntary sectors, including Germany and iterative research collaborations in Lebanon, and is a regular contributor to CPD events with the Landscape Institute, also sitting on their Equality and Diversity group.

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