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Jack Campbell Clause

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Jack is the Design Director at Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) in Kenya. He is a Kenyan national and a chartered Landscape Architect in the UK with 10 years experience in practice. His work has been largely focused on public realm projects from Qatar, Russia, China, to the UK and Kenya. Jack believes that landscapes and cities that are socially equitable, environmentally restorative and risk-mitigating by design is the keystone of the transformative agenda that is required of our generation. His current project portfolio includes:

- ‘Kibera Public Space Project’, co-creating infrastructure and public space for resilient, thriving neighbourhoods.
- ‘Realising Urban Nature-Based Solutions (R U NBS?)’, research through action project co-developing NBS for informal settlements in Nairobi & Dar es Salaam to build knowledge around the potential of NBS.
- ‘Integrated & Inclusive Infrastructure Framework (3IF) for Kenya’ project; developing planning and design guidance for sustainable and infrastructure-led informal settlement upgrading.

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