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Incremental public space: Ten public spaces proposals for the informal settlement of Mumbai

Giuliana Galasso

Refugees welcome in parks book cover_edi



Urban Planning, Public Space

This thesis project has started with an internship experience in Mumbai, in the informal settlement of Shivaji Nagar, in a collaboration with URBZ, a research studio based in the settlement, which has been studying housing and social dynamics for years of Mumbai's informal neighborhoods and promotes active engagement with residents based on the principle that residents themselves are the foremost experts in bringing about improvement of the place they live. The on-site experience has been essential to work closely with the locals and to formulate proposals starting from a real situation and issue on the existing public toilets.

How can we rethink the public toilets block area, that is the only public space available and in the next few years will not be used anymore?

This thesis tries to answer this complex question. The public spaces strategy proposes five ideas for the open space and other five for indoor public spaces. They can be read individually as minimum spaces, like an operation of urban acupuncture but at the same time they can define a network of possibilities connected to each other to give more opportunities and habitability to the dense community.

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