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QSAND: Quantifying Sustainability in the aftermath of Natural Disasters

BRE Global Limited

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Resilience, Climate Change, Natural Disasters

The QSAND tool is a comprehensive framework for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction projects. It actively integrates sustainability into the entire process, setting measurable benchmarks and providing performance data. This tool ensures that sustainability is seamlessly embedded throughout the development's life cycle and enables the ongoing monitoring of community recovery and well-being. It serves as a vital resource for making informed decisions in the wake of natural disasters.

Benefits of using QSAND include;
• Active consideration and application of sustainability approaches throughout the
reconstruction process
• Bench-marked sustainability outcomes for the project or programme
• Performance information on sustainability issues targeted by the project or programme
• Embedding sustainability thorough the life cycle of the development
• Collation of data for the on-going monitoring of the affected community and its recovery.

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