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Join our team!

HLC's mission is to deliver transformative change for the landscape industry and see it tackle the global challenges head-on - this is no small task and so we're building a team to make it happen.

As such, we are looking for people to join us as volunteers for the following positions:

Check out the below link for more detail on the positions and how they fit into HLC's organisational structure:

For all the positions, we expect no more than 3-4 hours max. of your time per week and will be for a one-year term (we'll review the overall structure and positions at the end of 2023).

To apply, please email us at with the position(s) you're interested in and a short description of your background & experience (between 300-500 words), you can send a CV if you prefer but it's not essential. The deadline for applications is Friday 16th January and interviews will be held, if necessary, in the following couple of weeks via video call.



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